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Anxiety and Stress

We all know the sensation of being stressed, the feeling of being worn out, the end-result of whatever it is that makes us anxious, but what does stress exactly do to our body that it makes us feel this way?

Being stressed translates into disturbing the flow of energy in the body. Our bodies are “programmed” with specific instructions and detailed directions how to function, how to perform and how to live a healthy life. Our daily routine however, irritates the smooth transition in the body.

A human body is balanced with energy that fuels the system and energizes the flow of life. When a psychological disorder, mental disturbance or any strain infiltrates the body, there is an imbalance in the person and the flow is interrupted by it.

Stress is multi-faceted and affects people differently. It is not possible, nor would it be advisable to eliminate stress altogether but there are ways to relieve too much stress and to help manage it.

Accupresh is one such method; It is like a combination of Chinese acupuncture in the sense of meridians and energy balancing with anatomy and physiology in the West. The general idea is to achieve balance by removing toxins, freeing energy blocks and relieving tension. This allows the body to begin to heal itself and to be better prepared for future stress responses.

By following the precise instruction on how to and where to place the specific patches on your body, it will correct the proper energy flow into its original pattern, thus providing relief and reduce an endless amount of stress

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